We Are In A Crisis.
Time Is Running Out For NYC Teenagers...


The Need


Kristen Johnston With Nexus Recovery High School Students

  • 83% of High School students say that it is easy to obtain Marijuana.
  • 49% can ‘conveniently’ get Amphetamines
  • 47.1% can ‘conveniently’ get Cocaine
  • 41.7% can ‘conveniently’ get Barbituates
  • 37.5% can ‘conveniently’ get Crack
  • 29.7% can ‘conveniently’ get Heroin
  • 28.7% can ‘conveniently’ get LSD
  • 25.1% can ‘conveniently’ get Crystal Meth
  • 23.6% can ‘conveniently’ get Tranquilizers
  • 21% can ‘conveniently’ get PCP


There are over 35 Sober High Schools nationwide.

There isn’t one in New York … at all.

“SLAM has to succeed.  Without it, hundreds of NYC kids will be incarcerated – or die. My son went from rehab to rehab, relapse to relapse, emergency room to emergency room.”

David Sheff, author of Beautiful Boy & Clean


“Prescription drug abuse by teens is up sharply, a 33% increase in the last 5 years.”

April 2013, Partnership for a Drugfree.org<


A Typical Fourth Grader’s World Can Include: Alchohol, Ritalin, Adderal, Inhalants, and Marijuana.

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“1 of 4 Americans who begin any addictive substance before the age of 18 – become addicts.”
National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse



Kristen talks with Anderson Cooper about SLAM

Published on Mar 28, 2012 SLAM (sobriety, learning and motivation) is a organization actress Kristen Johnston started five years ago, which assists New York City’s youth in recovery. Today, there are 30 flourishing in high schools across the U.S. Go to SlamNYC.org to learn more.

“I don’t mind the swearing, we have bigger issues. Their tattoos, their piercings, their rainbow hair … don’t bother me at all. Their scars – are what’s important. They live their lives with burdens heavier than the ones I’ve ever carried. So my job is not about ‘vocabulary’ or ‘reading the classics’. It’s not about diagramming sentences. It’s about finding the right words to let the rest of us know that… they are here. Among us. Parts of us. Gritty, courageous, outspoken, tender foul-mouthed angels … tatooed with their mother’s names, their rosaries, their hometowns – as if to say ‘Here, I am. Don’t forget me.’ “ Recovery Teacher

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